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NIDA's prevention research program focuses on risks for drug abuse and other problem behaviors that occur throughout a child's development, from pregnancy through young adulthood. Research funded by NIDA and other Federal research organizations - such as the National Institute of Mental Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - shows that early intervention can prevent many adolescent risk behaviors. Read the DrugFacts

Family Checkup

Developed by the Child and Family Center at the University of Oregon, Family Checkup: Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse highlights parenting skills that are important in preventing the initiation and progression of drug use among youth.

NIDA TV Spotlight: Communities That Care

NIDA TV interview with Communities that Care Co-Developer, Dr. David Hawkins, following his discussion on treating addiction through a community supported science-based approach. The National Institute on Drug Abuse hosted the presentation of Dr. Hawkins' introduction of electronic training for CTC in Rockville, Maryland, February 2014.

Update on Communities That CareExternal link, please review our disclaimer. prevention program.

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Drug Prevention Specialists Meet Community Leaders in NIDA-Sponsored Virtual Town Hall Event

To celebrate recent advances in drug prevention science, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), sponsored its first virtual town hall meeting. This unique event on September 9, 2009 brought together representatives from key federal agencies involved in preventing and combating substance abuse in the United States.

Town Hall Summary (Selected Clips)

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Other Resources

Past information on many drugs of abuse is available on our Archives site.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies in human volunteers conducted to answer specific health questions. Learn about the NIH-sponsored clinical trials available to you.

Other Clinical Trials information sources:

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