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In Good Faith: Learning the ropes

Last week I felt like an idiot. It’s not that I did anything particularly stupid, though that’s never out of the realm of possibility. But I walked into a coffee shop in Boston I’d never been to before, to meet a friend, and I did everything wrong. I got in line at the wrong end, I went to the wrong counter to order, and I went the wrong way after picking up my coffee. I did make it to a table without spilling hot coffee on a fellow patron and getting sued. Fortunately, there’s a distinction between feeling like an idiot and acting like one...
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In Columbus and beyond, home flipping drops

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Home & Garden Show to feature Ohio State Fair blue-ribbon winning food

Before Catherine Blackwood began entering the chili-cooking competition at the Ohio State Fair three years ago, her version of the dish consisted of the traditional ingredients: beans, tomatoes and ground beef. Since then, she’s gotten creative. Her entry to this year included coconut, pineapple and pecans. The ingenuity of the recipe earned her a blue ribbon (first place) in the mild/medium chili category. “I’ve got a big notepad and I just sit and write what I think might be good,” said Blackwood, 79, of her annual brainstorming process...

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Sleeve Hoodie Block Long Color Embroidered HGTV to again feature Indian Lake

Indian Lake, about 75 miles northwest of Columbus, will return to HGTV in the spring, after appearing twice on the home network late last year. HGTV crews filmed two episodes of the network’s “Island Life” show a few weeks ago at Indian Lake. The episodes chronicled two couples, one from Powell and one from Dayton, as they searched for homes on the lake in the $400,000 to $600,0000 range, said Paige Duff, a real-estate agent with Choice Properties in Russells Point, who helped the buyers. “I am elated that HGTV wants to see more of Indian Lake,” Duff said...
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