Letter Contrast Short Sleeves Round Casual Trimmed Printed Simple Neck Tee 1qPdgPI Letter Contrast Short Sleeves Round Casual Trimmed Printed Simple Neck Tee 1qPdgPI

Letter Contrast Short Sleeves Round Casual Trimmed Printed Simple Neck Tee 1qPdgPI

Summer 4462

Beagle mix | Female | Medium (20-50 lbs) | Hospice

Adorable girl Summer just arrived at Muttville from Oakland where she was found as a stray. Despite all the changes in her life Summer is a happy and loving girl! She loves people and other dogs, enjoys going for walks, and is loyal and sweet. She would love a wonderful home to spend her golden years in! We think Summer is a beagle/terrier mix.

Summer is 9 years young and is the perfect medium size of 35 pounds. …

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Coconut 5907

Poodle Mix | Male | Small (6-20 lbs)

Adopt Coconut and you’ll always be on vacation!

This sweet little dog has traveled all the way here from San Jose in search of his forever home. Could it be yours? It’s pretty easy to meet his must-have list… he tells us he would love:

1. A comfy spot to nap in

2. A lap to rest his head …

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Homefry 5727

Dachshund/Cardigan/Corgi | Male | Medium (20-50 lbs)

Homefry is looking for his new best friend!

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Short Simple Casual Tee Trimmed Sleeves Letter Printed Neck Contrast Round Homefry is a positive, happy go lucky pup! Even with all of life’s obstacles, he remains sweet, gentle and friendly. He would love to find a good friend to share his life with. Don’t let his little legs fool you, he just loves a good romp on the beach! After a day at the beach, enjoying the cool breeze and fresh air, he would love to cuddle on the couch with you, snoring away as you rub his belly. This …

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Scotch 5804

Jack Russel Terrier Mix | Male | Medium (20-50 lbs) | Hospice

Scotch has arrived and is ready to mingle!

He is a fun and friendly guy who’s curious and energetic – a typical Jack Russell Terrier in our opinion! One of the first things you’ll notice about him are his gorgeous eyes and charming smile. He’s a lively little fella and would make a lovely best friend and companion because he always wants to know what you’re up to. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to meet (and sniff) …

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Snack Pack 5874

Chihuahua mix | Male | Small (6-20 lbs)

Snack Pack is the perfect little beach dog!

Snack Pack is sure to score you some dates with his stunning eyes, salt and pepper coat, and bouncy little personality! He is cool as a cucumber and knows who to roll with the punches. He is looking for someone who loves evening strolls on the beach and a warm bonfire to snuggle up to after. We think this little senior may even want to learn to paddle-board! Snack Pack may be a senior lady, but he cannot wait to …

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Mcgruff 5896

Shih Tzu | Male | Small (6-20 lbs)

McGruff is definitely ready to solve some crimes!

This guy has an amazing sense of smell and can sniff out just about anything! McGruff may not be able to see, but that doesn’t stop him for one second. He is cute as a button and we know you will just fall in love right away. He does great on his walks and is always just trotting around exploring his surroundings. He can’t wait to snuggle up with you on the sofa and listen to a movie with you. …

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Miley 5835

Chihuahua | Female | Small (6-20 lbs)

Meet Miley, lapwarmer extraordinaire!

Has your lap felt cold and empty lately? Never fear, Miley’s here! This little girl is the perfect size to fit on laps of all sizes – and she has the temperament to match. She’s loving and patient, willing to hang out on your lap for hours while you work or watch your favorite shows. She only asks for love and back scratches in return, occasionally giving your hand a little lick if she thinks you …

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Lunchbox 5875

Scottish Terrier Mix | Male | Small (6-20 lbs)

Lunchbox has a funny name and a total goofy personality to match!

Lunchbox has been through quite a bit of change lately after losing his family that he knew of his owner and dog sibling. He may be a little timid at first, but we can tell he is going to be an active outgoing boy! He really loves people and dogs. If you are looking for your lifelong BFF who is super duper cute to boot, look no further, Lunchbox is your guy! …

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Alfred 5574

Contrast Tee Simple Round Letter Trimmed Printed Short Sleeves Neck Casual Poodle Mix | Male | Small (6-20 lbs)

Meet Alfred, an adorable pup who can’t wait to meet you!

Alfred is a sweet and easy-going dog. He is very social and gets along with people, pups, and even cats! This little guy loves going for walks and adores tennis balls. Alfred just wants to find a special someone that he can shower with affection. Submit an application for Alfred …

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